#Lakingfarmfresh Crispy Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich

• Bounty Fresh Saucy Torikaraage Teriyaki
• Paprika
• Tomato
• Mustard
• Ketchup
• Lettuce
• Mayonnaise

1.) Cook Bounty Fresh Saucy Torikaarage in an oven or toaster at 175℃ for 12 minutes on each side.
2.) While waiting for the chicken to be cooked, mix all sauce ingredients in a bowl.
Assemble all the ingredients in a bread loaf.
3.) Add sandwich sauce on it.
4.) Add fresh lettuce.
5.) Add tomato slices.
6.) Add Saucy Torikaraage.
7.) Top it with teriyaki sauce.
8.) Serve hot and enjoy!